Status of SDG health indicators - Bangladesh

Bangladesh has initiated real time monitoring system for health related SDG indicators. This dashboard visualizes both survey and routine health data from more than 14,000 public health facilities in Bangladesh.
3.1 Maternal Mortality (Source: DHIS2)
3.2 Newborn and child mortality
3.3 Communicable diseases
3.4 Noncommunicable diseases and mental health (Source: DHIS2)
NCD Death

3.5 Substance abuse
3.6 Road traffic injuries (Source: DHIS2)
Road Injury
3.7 Sexual and reproductive health
3.8 Universal health coverage

3.9 Mortality from environmental pollution
3.a Tobacco control
3.b Development assistance and vaccine coverage
3.c Health workforce (Source: HRIS)

Work force

3.d National and global health risks
1.a Mobilization of resources
2.2 Child malnutrition (Source: DHIS2)
6.1 Drinking water

6.2 Sanitation and hygiene
7.1 Clean household energy
11.6 Clean cities
13.1 Natural disasters

16.1 Violence
17.19 Death registration